Fertility Enhancing Massage

Using the Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Massage, and Reflexology

I am specially trained to assist in increasing your Fertility. The treatments that could be used will vary depending on package and clients needs:


I will also  guide you in learning at home fertility massage. These easy to learn techniques are simple and take just minutes a day.

How often should I get Fertility Enhancing Massage for best results?

  • Patients are recommended to have Fertility Massage once a week for at least 3 visits minimum. For optimal results continue at least once a month treatments for 6 months. 

  • First appointment should be after your period and continued till ovulation. If your period is not present due to PCOS or other, we will work to get your menses on a regular schedule first.

  • Home massage should be done daily.

How does Fertility Enhancing Massage Work?

  • Fertility Massage works by increasing the blood flow to the uterus and ovaries.

  •  By gently breaking up any adhesions in the pelvis that may contribute to infertility.

  • It also works to position the uterus in the optimal way to support conception. It is common but correctable for a woman’s uterus to be out of position.

Benefits of Fertility Massage

  • Improves fertility by increasing circulation to the uterus and ovaries

  • Brings nutrients and blood flow to improve quality of developing eggs

  • Helps clear scar tissue or blockages that may be affecting the Fallopian tubes

  • Eases digestive discomfort and relaxes the stomach

  • Supports detoxification through the liver for more balanced hormones

  • Increases nutrient absorption through the small intestine health

  • Supports elimination through the large intestine

  • Helps relieve cramping during menses

  • Promotes relaxation and well being

Who can benefit from Fertility Massage?

  • Even healthy women! Supporting healthy functioning aids conception even if there are no issues.

  • If you are or will be using IUI (Intra-Uterine Insemination)

  • If you are or will be using IVF (In-vitro Fertilization)

  • Women with endometriosis

  • In cases with scar tissue damage to their uterus, Fallopian tubes or ovaries.

  • Women with blocked or partially blocked tubes

  • Those who suffer from fibroids

  • Women with polyps

  • Those with PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome)

  • If you have PMS

  • Women who are working toward a more regular cycle can also benefit


                                                   PRICING AND PACKAGES

1st Visit (2hr session with consult) $160 Customized Yoni Steam, Abdominal Massage, Take Home Castor Oil Pack and Self Care Massage Instructions

Returning Visit $140 (90min) Customized Yoni Steam, Abdominal Massage


Basic Package -3 visits (can run from 90min to 2hr sessions) $350 ($90 minimum savings, Payment due on first visit. )


3 Customized Yoni steams (when indicated or requested)

3 Maya Abdominal Massage Sessions


TDP Far Inferred Mineral Light Therapy (When Indicated)

Take Home Castor Oil Pack

Diet plan

Take Home Self Care Massage Instructions

Massage focusing on areas that are needed to make sure you feel your best.

Deluxe Package-3 visits (can run from 90min to 2hr sessions) $400 ($90 minimum savings, Payment due on first visit. )


Available In Office For Additional Cost.

 Hydrosol Therapy (when needed)



Massage only (no above add on's) $110










(Average massage sessions in the area vary from $90-$110 an hour. The appointment you will be coming to is close to 2 hrs long and includes a yoni steam if requested.This is why my pricing is higher then your typical massage. I have traveled all over to learn these ancient techniques, this is a specialty and not a massage you can get just anywhere.)