"I have been looking into Maya Abdominal therapy to help with my endometriosis. Since coming to see Espi its got under control. I love steaming and now do it at home with an herb blend made just for me. I love the self care massage and really have felt a huge difference in my endometriosis symptoms."

- K.M. 

"I first came to see Espi for a steam because I heard yoni steams help with hot flashes. I left with a bottle of “female Tonic” and “Nerve Tonic” Not only have my hot flashes stopped, Ive lost 10 lbs and my husband and co workers say my mood swings have diminished! I visit Espi once a month to keep my hot flashes at bay, and it works!!!" -P.S.

"I started my visits at Pure Form Healing Arts due to my weak bladder. After my appointment I left really knowledgeable about my body and how it works. I was given a lesson on self massage and instructions on yoni steams. Espi made a steam mix fit just for my body and bladder issues. My bladder has since got a lot better and my husband loves that I steam, he feels Im tighter then my presteaming days."- E.C.

"I first came in because I suffer from PCOS, I was told a combo of Vitex and the female tonic helps regulate hormones. It did help with balancing my hormones,but I also lost weight and my blood sugar looked great at my last doctors visit. I am diabetic and never thought coming in for PCOS would get the results I’ve got from this treatment. "-M.M.

"I found Espi online while looking for a way to control my painful periods. I came in for a 30 min steam and haven't had a painful period since. I still cant believe how well it worked. I was skeptical but she knows what shes doing. I highly recommend trying it!" -L.S.

"This is something every woman needs to try! I had heard about abdominal massage and heard it could help with my painful periods. Espi was thorough with her intake form and questions. She is very knowledgeable. I thought i was just getting a massage but left knowing a lot more about my body then I have ever been taught! She is a great listener and asks the right questions. I look forward to our visits and I have never felt better! I am so glad I found Espi and Pure Form Healing Arts! "A.F.

If you've had great results and would like to share your story, email me at pureformhealingarts@gmail.com

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