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What It Is:

Acronym for “Teding Diancibo Pu,” the TDP lamp is also called a “special electromagnetic spectrum” lamp. It works on the belief that the far infrared light or mid-IR wavelengths it emits can loosen the fibrous tissues connecting the muscles and organs. Blood can thus circulate more freely in the smallest of vessels in the body by way of microcirculation and promote healing.   Not only does the blood deliver fresh oxygen, nutrients, and healing enzymes into the body cells, it also works to carry away toxins, dead cells, debris, and other waste. In this way, the device stimulates the body to heal itself in a process similar to the healing energy that radiates from the hands of a massage therapist. The device is also believed to work according to the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM by promoting the free movement of “qi,” “chi” or life energy in the body.

How It Works​

When the mineral plate in the TDP Lamp is heated to a high temperature, the minerals in it are ionized. The heat, radiation, and electromagnetic waves of the lamp carry these ions into the human body by penetrating up to 3 ½ inches below the surface of the skin and into the muscles.  In their iconic state, the minerals can stimulate the healing and metabolic processes of your body.   Each time you suffer stress, anxiety, illnesses, injuries, or fatigue, your body needs minerals to rebuild and rejuvenate itself.  A weakened immune system also needs the boost of minerals so it can heal.  By using the channel of heat waves that are similar to the natural energy of your body, the TDP lamp also called a Miracle Lamp can deliver the essential minerals that your body needs for health, healing, and wellness.


The micro-circulation of blood caused by the TDP Lamp can have many beneficial effects on the human body.  The warmth can ease the stiffness in the muscles and reduce inflammation,  simply by spending time lying under it.  You can lie under the lamp head at a distance of 12 to 16 inches with the heat directed on the affected area.  You’re likely to feel only a warm sensation that is soothing and relaxing. The duration of each session depends on the kind of injury or illness the patient has.   Although most patients express relief of their symptoms, immediately following one 30-45  minute  session, the most optimal and permanent  patient outcomes are seen after undergoing 5 sessions, each lasting  30 minutes to 1 hour.  This treatment protocol is highly effective for treating

  • Lower Body Pain and Stiffness

  • Joint Pain and Difficulty in Movement

  • Muscle Spasms

  • Muscle Strains and/or Sprains

  • Back Pain in all Regions

  • Inflammation

This protocol is also highly recommended for the overall promotion of better health and wellness and stress management.  TDP Lamp therapy has demonstrated many benefits to patients with different conditions.  It is a simple procedure that is non-surgical and can be taken by most people. When used with care, it has no side effects and helps by stimulating the body to heal itself with the support of the ionized minerals it provides.


The Benefits

Approved by the FDA, the TDP Lamp is being used in many countries and has been found to be very beneficial in treating ailments of the soft tissues and easing chronic pain.  Here are some of the conditions it can treat:


  • Stimulates the hypothalamus to produce neurochemicals that in turn help patients sleep better, elevate mood, ease sensations of pain, and lower hypertension.

  • Promotes smooth movement by relieving inflammation and discomfort in case of arthritis, paralysis, joint pain, shoulder pain, and lower back pain.

  • Helps in the healing of bone fractures

  • Treats skin conditions like dermatitis and bruises, among others

  • Helps erase skin scarring

  • Promotes metabolism levels

  • Helps with chest condition like pneumonia and colds. Also, helps treat flu.

  • Treats reproductive issues like irregular menstruation and impotence

  • Relieves diarrhea and edema

  • Helps with angina, tumors, and any other infections

  • Speeds the healing of injuries, sores, and diabetic ulcers

  • Enhances the functioning of the white blood cells and thus, cures infections

  • Boosts immunity

The Origin

The original design for the TDP Lamp was first developed in China in the year 1978 as a result of studies conducted on the workers that worked in a black clay plant in a rural area.  Researchers were surprised to note that despite working in conditions of extreme heat and cold, and in wet environments, the employees remained healthy and rarely fell sick. 

When analyses were conducted on the hot clay, they found that it emitted a beneficial far infrared radiation.  Using these findings as a base, Gou Wenbin, an inventor created the first TDP Lamp and exhibited it at the Zagreb International Fair in Yugoslavia in 1986, where it won the gold medal. Later in the same year, it was also displayed at the Brussels Eureka World Fair for Invention winning the silver medal.

The Research

Here are the results of the studies carried out as to the effectiveness of TDP lamp therapy.  The findings of the survey conducted by three medical centers in Colorado were declared at the American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions.  49 patients with diabetes were given the treatment in 12 sessions for 30 minutes at a time.  They showed a significant improvement in the numbness they felt in their feet and doctors found that the risk for amputation was significantly lowered.

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