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Mayan Prenatal/Postpartum Massage


Photo of me with my Arvigo sisters during our perinatal- postpartum  training in New Hampsuire 

Benefits For The Childbearing Continuum:

Uterine/Abdominal Therapy has been used cross-culturally since time immemorial to support women during pre-conception, pregnancy and the postpartum period.

When the uterus is aligned in her optimal position, hormones are regulated and normalized, congestion and stagnation are cleared, and a healthy uterine lining may develop—all of which support fertility and pregnancy.


During pregnancy, ATMAT supports the growing uterus to be in her optimal position within the pelvic bowl—this simultaneously supports growing babies to come into optimal fetal positioning. ATMAT tonifies uterine muscles, causing them to coordinate well during labor and birth. ATMAT nourishes uterine ligaments that are stretched to their fullest at this time, so that they may healthfully return to their former size after birth. Common discomforts of pregnancy may be relieved with ATMAT treatments, including: heartburn, indigestion, heaviness in the pelvis, stagnation, headaches, pain around the round ligament and in the low back and more.


After birth, abdominal treatments are an essential part of postpartum recovery. ATMAT sessions at this time are focused on returning the uterus and bladder to their optimal positioning, supporting the return of the uterine ligaments to their pre-pregnant length and strength, as well as deeply nourishing the whole body for the tremendous work just completed. Postpartum abdominal sessions support the digestive system as well, which is recovering from slowed digestive motility of pregnancy, labor and birth, and recovering from the weight of the enlarged uterus pressing into the stomach as well as the colon. Abdominal sessions can be received during the early postpartum period. Women who have had a cesarean birth may begin postpartum sessions of ATMAT as soon as the incision site is healed over—early on is an ideal time soften scar tissue and to prevent adhesions from developing.

Yoni Steams for Postpartum

If you gave birth vaginally, Yoni Steams are VERY beneficial for your sore, (hopefully not torn) perineum! The warmth will increase circulation to the vaginal area, accelerating healing. The properties of the herbs are delivered via steam to help cleanse out the after birth. The postnatal herbal blend used is anti inflammatory, healing, and is safe to do while breastfeeding.  

 If you had a cesarean birth, it is extremely important to steam. Cesarean births form scar tissue in the pelvic area, potentially leading to complications down the road. The herbal yoni steams are a great way to deliver properties that will help reduce scar tissue. Many women find the 'after birth' following a cesarean birth takes a little longer to clear out. Yoni steams will help speed the cleansing process. 


Another great reason to steam after giving birth,  is to shrink any hemorrhoids that are all pretty common postnatal. 

Also, warming up the whole pelvic area will relax muscles that you strained in the birthing process. Our deepest pelvic muscles are relaxed during a vsteam. 

Arvigo® Therapy for Pregnancy and Postpartum 
Many women benefit from receiving regular Arvigo® sessions throughout their pregnancy and postpartum recovery. ATMAT can help to strengthen and normalize uterine function, provide emotional support during your pregnancy, and help support healing after childbirth. We recommend monthly sessions throughout your pregnancy and returning for a follow up 6 weeks after birth. 

Benefits for Preconception, Pregnancy, and Postpartum

  • Optimizes uterine position for a successful pregnancy

  • Relieves pain and discomforts of pregnancy

  • Improves blood flow to the pelvic floor and baby

  • Increases oxcytocin to help reduce tension, anxiety, and fear

  • Decreases nausea, congestion, and swelling

  • Improves alignment of pelvic bones, joint flexibility, and mobility of the sacrum during labor

  • Protects uterine ligaments from exaggerated stretching and reduces ligament pain

  • Assists in alleviating pregnancy induced heartburn and constipation

  • Improves fetal positioning for birth

  • Helps to facilitate a space to heal past traumas

  • Increases the efficiency of labor from active labor to birth

  • Increases the confidence of mother during labor

  • Improves healing for diastasis recti

  • Involution of the uterus occurs more efficiently and quicker

  • Loving touch for uterine scar and reduces excessive scar tissue

60 min prenatal massage $110

90 min prenatal massage $140

Induction massage $160

Postpartum Session with Yoni Steam $180

Postpartum Session No Steam $160

Closing The Bones Ceremony Consultation $50

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