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Yoni Steam Parties

Native Americans and other Indigenous groups honored the time of menstruation with the 'Red Tent' ritual. Women would live in a separate lodge while menstruating.

During this time, a woman was considered to be more creative and in tune with the spirit world. Though this lodge was not specifically red, we honor the womb by making this room represent what it may look like in our most sacred space... the portal to life.

Come Steam in our Red Tent Yoni Steam Room! 

Steam alone or bring along friends to join you.

Up to 7 steamers per 30 min session. 


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Sit in circle with your friends, sip drinks and color pages from our many coloring books.

Pick your music of choice and enjoy 30min steaming together and celebrating your body and sisterhood. Office space is reserved for 1hr, so feel free to stick around for snacks or chit chat after your steam.

*Must supply your own food and specialty beverages unless arranged for an additional cost.*


Priced per group size :

Price Starts

Three People for $180





*Complimentary tea or bottled water included

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