Blood Tonic 2oz

Blood Tonic 2oz


Contents: China Root, Mexican Wild Yam, Alcohol


Blood Tonic - full of easily assimilated iron to improve hemoglobin production, aids kidney in blood detoxification, assists elimination of harmful acids from the system, eases pain, inflammation of rheumatism and artritis, and provides multiple minerals in organic, natural form. Indicated for rheumatism, arthritis, anemia, fatigue, gout, toxic blood, inflammation, allergic reactions.

Traditional Dosage:

1-5 years old: 5 drops in half glass of tepid water three times a day

5-10 years old: 10  drops in half glass of tepid water three times a day

young adult: 15 drops in half glass of tepid water three times a day

adults: 1 dropper-full in half glass tepid water three times a day

Elderly or weak, or debilitated person: start with 1/2 of the adult dose and adjust as needed based on the response

Note:  Blood Tonic is traditionally used in conjunction with Female Tonic in cases of heavy menses.

Known Side Effects: In some cases of hyperacidity, urine may become darker, more copious and have a strong odor.  This is evidence of detoxification and will disappear within days.  Increased water intake is urged until symptoms pass.

Contraindications: May react to cortisone products, hormone replacement therapy, birth control pills, hormonal products, blood thinners.  Mixing herbal formulations with pharmaceutical drugs is not recommended due to unknown effects.


Special notes: No known adverse reactions in breast feeding. Always consult your health care physician before taking herbs while pregnant.


This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any illness.